Traveling with tours nica means traveling responsibly and respectfully.  

tours nica believes in treading lightly on the developing world. while visiting reserves, we will carry out what we carry in.  we will respect local laws and customs.  

We also believe in supporting the Nicaraguan people in their quest for a better life.  Tours Nica promotes local, community based organizations that are supporting a better future for all Nicaraguans.  This allows us to develop and maintain close relationships with the communities that we visit and provide a more intimate, personal experience for travelers.   


We donate a percentage of our profits from tours to the NH non-profit, Compas de Nicaragua (  “Compas” supports a women’s organization in Managua, called “Women in Action,” and a farmer’s cooperative based in La Paz, Carazo.   Women in Action carry out income generating, health and education projects in an impoverished settlement of the La Primavera neighborhood.  The coop supports farmers in La Paz by offering no-interest loans during the growing season, promoting sustainable, organic agriculture, reforestation projects, and by installing bio-gas systems which collect methane gas from animal manure for cooking.


This annual commitment offers trip participants a way to support important community development projects in Nicaragua.  





Service Learning